Welcome Message

INUS Australia proudly delivers education and training programs which focus on developing invaluable skills for all aspects of life be it social academic or work.

INUS derives its name from the Latin words “INspirationem and anglicUS”.

Our core values of inspiration, innovation and integration are infused in every aspect of INUS Australia’s educational programs and services for students.

Our mission is to develop inspired, innovated and integrated learning experiences to enable our students to learn effectively and meet their academic and life aspirations.

INUS is inspiring and supporting education with heart

I would like to extend a warm welcome on behalf of INUS Australia. Its founders have years of experience in International Education. INUS Australia is the product of their dream. Our goal is to make your stay in Australia a positive and memorable experience and to provide you with life skills that will have purpose and use in your personal and professional future. Our team friendly teachers and student service officers are the ‘US’ in INUS. They are truly angels in their commitment and dedication to providing a constant flow of inspiration and support to our students.

Learn more, go to: www.inusaustralia.com.au